What is FinanceHUB Platform

FinanceHUB is the ultimate Financial Community Platform which enables financial institutions and financial media portals to connect & empower advisors, and engage and gain new clients through a conversational platform where both advisors and investors have all information, research, investment tools, and social possibilities to be fully informed, to keep deeply connected, and to take wise investment decisions.

FinanceHUB empowers Banks to get confidence, engagement, loyalty and new sales from advisors and clients by listening and speaking with them in private and/or public environments.

FinanceHUB is the response for the financial industry regarding its socializing needs within these stakeholders & services:

  1. Advisors
  2. Investors & banking clients
  3. CRM
  4. Customer Care & Investors´ relationship

In summary, FinanceHUB is the ultimate technology to transform Banks standard financial website into a real “Social Investment & Banking HUB” where:

  1. Both B2C & B2B clients, advisors & stakeholders encounter all they may need in just one global platform to keep informed, and to trade/advise wisely.
  2. Not-yet-clients are likely to end up in this global platform as search engines will address any request of financial information to it due to its huge SEO capabilities, as long as every single post of a user in the community has its own URL (webpage) where Bank´s name, and the searched topic keywords or investment product name appear, so the more the community grows, the more search engines like Google will drive traffic to it as identifies this site as a reference in the market for the searched topic.

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