FinanceHUB benefits for advisors

There´s an essential NEED for advisors and other employees (branch´s manager, account managers, …) to be fully UP-TO-DATE on Bank´s products & services, markets info and research, and to be connected among them and with the Bank they work for/with.

Most of Banks have Intranets, but the format of a “Social Network” is pretty disruptive, and some Top Private Banking players such as UBS with "UBS Neo", and Credit Suisse with "Credit Suisse Chat", have introduced social media functionalities to their advisors and clients ´platforms.

Among other features, in FinanceHUB advisors & asset managers can:

  1. Advisors posts in their social profile news, research and interesting contents that his/her clients who follow him/her can access to through their corresponding newsfeed.
  2. Advisors can create a private “Group” profile to be just him/her and his/her client (or all members of the family), so they can chat or have a webinar at any time, share any documentation (charts, papers, videos, web links,…), comment the client´s portfolios, schedule their meetings, etc.
  3. Advisors/Asset Managers/Fund Managers can create a social profile for every single Model Portfolio/Mutual Fund/Financial product/service, so they can speak and chat directly to their investors/holders, informing about their movements, changes, markets related circumstances,… So investors really feel comfortable, confidents and attended, as this is a great difference compared to the current standard in the financial Wealth Management industry where investors receive just a cold monthly PDF with his/her portfolio information.
  4. Advisors/Asset Managers can create groups to discuss and inform about specific topics, e.g. US Equity markers, specific companies, Investment opportunities in Blockchain,….
  5. Advisors/Asset Managers/Fund Managers can drive conversations with investors both publicly and through private individual or in group messages.
  6. Banks can create online/offline events and invite to all clients, or just selected ones.
  7. Advisors can create lists of clients (like Twitter) to send out specific information, customized newsletters, ...
  8. … and many other social features that let Advisors be fully prepared to serve clients, and to offer them personalized Wealth Management Services by knowing in depth every single investor, so being able to provide ad-hoc investment solutions to all clients individually.

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